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About Graffiti Man

The organization was established in Lexington, MA in 1989 by Vincent Spierto for the purpose of providing an affordable, environmentally safe means of protecting your valuable property.

Vincent F. Spierto, Jr., is the founder and president of Graffiti Man. Mr. Spierto brings more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry.

At Graffiti Man, our Commitment to Safety is paramount. Before beginning a project, a safety inspection is conducted. Often this is proactively achieved in partnership with OSHA. The site is carefully analyzed and procedures are implemented to ensure safe operations. Employees receive training in identifying potential hazards and the necessary corrective procedures.

The Spierto's also own and operate Landmark Exterior Restoration, Inc. which specializes in cleaning and restoration services to property owners, historic preservations, and the construction industry. Vince Spierto established Landmark in Lexington, MA in 1989, for the purpose of providing property owners an affordable means for restoring, cleaning and protecting the life of valuable property.


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