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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti detracts from the aesthetic appeal of a building. Wage war against this form of vandalism. Most often, professional graffiti removal services are less expensive than handling the problem in house and produce better results. Proper identification of surface and paint types are keys to successful graffiti removal. These identifiers determine the best product and the best process to combat the problem.

The Right Product – The Right Process

The best product for the job in the wrong hands (and vice versa) could spell disaster! Improper use of acids may etch the surface. Thinners and acetones can separate the components, driving dyes deeper into porous surfaces. Sandblasting can permanently discolor, deteriorate and significantly damage masonry substrates. We can identify the surface, determine the best product for the job, and what’s more, on most surfaces, we are able to use a product that knows the difference between paint and dirt. Thus you don’t end up with a “clean spot” where the graffiti one was.

The Best Medicine – Act Fast

Graffiti is an urgent matter, the reasons are several. First graffiti breeds graffiti – allowing graffiti to exist on exterior facades invites and encourages future acts of vandalism. Second, the longer paint is permitted to linger on the surface, the deeper it is absorbed into porous surfaces. Graffiti removed within the first 48 hours is far less likely to leave traces of shadows or outlines.

Environmentally Safe Products

Using environmentally safe products we are able to remove unwanted graffiti from buildings, store fronts and other surfaces exposed to vandalism.

Graffiti Man offers 24-hour emergency service for removing graffiti as soon as possible to ensure a less costly approach in the future.


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